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2Connect application


Video, demo, showcase


oct 2015, jan 2016


school project Communication & Multimedia Design


This project was done together with Casper Boutens, Karim Dahhani and Joelle Limburg


The above video was made for the third-year project from Communication & Multimedia Design. For this project we where asked to help De Bascule, an organisation that helps troubled teens get their lives back on track. For their therapy the teens need to keep a diary, but the therapists found it hard to motivate them to actually update it. So CMD was asked to design an application for them, to make this process more efficient and most imporant: more fun!

The challenge with this project was to make the quite boring task of keeping a diary something the teens wouldn't mind doing every day.

Within in team I was responsible for the design of the game-part of our application and the video prototype, so for the first time ever I had to do some video-editting. Another challenge with the filming was that we weren't able to get any actors, so pretty much all the acting was done ourselves.

<span>Some early sketches of the different houses we where going to use</span>


At first we were really struggeling with our concept. We knew we wanted to add some kind of game the teens could play and somehow connect this to the diary part of the app. When we had about 5 weeks (of the 10) left we finally had our concept tuned out: we wanted to focus on daily difficult moments of the teens and make an easy way for them to add these to their diary. Once we had our concept done we could really focus on actually make it all work. And from here my responsibility as a video-editor started.

I started out with sketching a storyboard with all the different scenes and what would happen in them. The video had to show an actual user scenario but also how the app itself would work. When the storyboard was done, I wrote a script and started to scedule days to film, arranged the actors and all the props we would need. When all the filming was done, the shot material was editted and finally the application part was added.

<span>All the final house designs</span>


The finaly video, as shown above, worked out pretty well. It was unfortunate that we didn't have people who actually know how to act, but the video serves it's purpose of showing how the concept would work.

To avoid having to film someone using the application (which was still a prototype at best) I deciced to do this part with After Effects. Halfway, when the user would start using the application, a smartphone pops up and here we can see the user going trough the screens with the pink dot representing the fingertaps.