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30 second music video


Video, Animation


apr, 2016


school assignment Communication & Multimedia Design


This video is the result of the final assignment for the 3rd-year subject 'Beweging'. We were asked to make a short teaser (30 seconds) for a to be launched music video for an artist of our choosing.

The challenge was that the video had to be entertaining to watch with and without the music playing and had to be animated in some form.

The focus was all on the movement of the animations and not so much on making amazing artwork or character designs.

<span>Some stills from the final storyboard explaining the movements of the different elements</span>


This video was made over the course of 4 weeks in total. The first thing I really did was look at other teasers, animated videos and intro's of popular series for inspiration and possible ways to do this. The artist that I chose is Ray Barbee and the song 'The mingle', a minimal instrumental song.

With Barbee being a professional skateboarder besides being a musician, I wanted to do something with the movement of skateboarding and the flow of the music. So the first two weeks the plan was to draw an illustrated version of Ray Barbee and have him doing tricks on the beat of the music.

But in the end these illustrations where to much of a pain to work with. It took about a day to make Ray do a simple jump so making him do tricks for 30 seconds wouldn't be doable in the remaining two weeks.

So in the verry end I decided I would go with the super simplified artstyle as seen in the video above. The skateboarder would be a simple vertical rectangle and the board a long and thin one. This made it possible to put all focus to the movement of these elements in stead of the realism the initial style required.

<span>The initial (and way too detailed) artstyle I wanted to work with</span>


The result is the video that can be seen above. The skateboard and rider where minimalized to 2 rectangles, with the idea was to make these non-organic objects apear alive and flexible.

The different instruments are each represented by a single flowing line. First the skateboard does tricks by itself and is later joined by the rider jumping in from above.

Finally every object the skateboarder touches, turns white. This allowed me to add another element of playfulness to the mix.