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Playing Card Tattoo Design


Illustration, Tattoo


oct - nov, 2015


Ruben Klingenberg


My buddy Ruben came to me because he wanted a design for his next tattoo. It had to be a playing card tattoo but with both the queen and the king on there.

He wanted it to be in a 1920s - 1930s tattoo style and the characters had to have a kind of sassy, posh, arogant look.

With this assignment I also challenged myself to make the piece fully digital to up my photoshop-drawing skills.

<span>An alternate version with a different kind of banner</span>


I started the process by doing deskresearch to the specific time-period and the style of fashion people wore back then. I went through these images together with Ruben and we picked out the ones we liked the most. After this I started the digital drawing. I did the outlines first and went trought the feedback-process again with Ruben.

It took us quite a while to find the perfect compostion, facial-expression and fashion-details but in the end it all really came together. After the outlines I started working on all the shades and for the illustrated version decided not to add any color yet. This was for Ruben and the actual tattoo-artist to decide.

<span>The final tattooed result</span>


The result is the illustration and digital version as seen above and the final tattooed version in the small image seen on the left.

The piece turned out pretty great with the sassy expressions and the tattoos on the queen and king make them stand out a lot more. It was good training for my digital drawing-skills and a fun process, going back and fort with the drawing to incorporate all of Ruben's wishes.