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De-Phazz album teaser & release landingspage


illustration, poster, webdesign


apr, 2016


school project Communication & Multimedia Design


This landing page was made for the subject "Kleur" which, as the name says it, was all about how to use color in design. We learned about the meaning of al the different colors, the meaning they convey and about the different combinations they can be used in.

The challenge was to create a landing page for a given artist and song, which uses color to convey the mood of the song.

It had to be two different pages, one that could be used as a teaser and one for when the album would be released. Finally, the two pages had to be responsive and work on at least three different screensizes.

<span>some of the different layout-sketches that where made</span>


The project started with each student being assigned a specific song from an artist. "I got Death by Chocolate" by De-Phazz. A smooth, mostly-instrumental, jazzy song.

An ideal song for a smooth date night in a luxurious penthouse. This was the first thought that came to mind and I decided that this was the theme to roll with.

When the theme was set, I started to look for inspiration online by looking at excisting Jazz posters, but I couldn't find that much that I liked. That's when I decided to make an illustration and try to literally show the vibe I got from the song. While on the hunt for inspiration I found some pictures of some of the penthouses from New York. The first thing that comes to mind with a penthouse is the view, being high-up in the sky and looking out the window.

In adition to this I wanted to do something with the time, some of it had to be on the date and some of it after the date. This could work well with the two different pages that had to be made. After this I made some sketches and made the digital versions that are shown above.

<span>notes from the research on colors and contrast</span>


The final result can be seen on the images above. The illustration worked out quite nice and makes use of shadows and lighting to show the time of the day. Because the song is quite smooth and relaxing I tried to keep the design of the page minimal and left out everything but the bare essentials.

On the teaser-version the user can register their email for updates on the release and on the release-version the user can listen to some samples with the music-player.

Finally, the colors are also adjusted to go with the smooth and relaxing theme of the music. A soft red to go with the 'morning-after' theme of the release-version, acompanied by a soft beige-white and a darker blue for some contrast. The teaser-version uses the excact same color-palette but in reverse to keep the two versions together.