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KAPOOOW Identity Parallax Wallpapers


Illustration, webdesign


may - july, 2015




During my internship at KAPOOOW, an Amsterdam-based advertising agency, I was asked to make a serie of parallax wallpapers for their corporate identity. 3 Themes where set, all based on KAPOOOW's love for the nostalgic, being able to see the world through the eyes of a child again.

These themes where: a classic Disney-theme in a vintage tattoo style, a piece based on the first fleischer-style disney animations and one based on saturday morning cartoons from the 90's.

The challenge was to, with each of these themes, make the styles and subjects recognizable but add a twist to them.

<span>The final sketches for the cars used in the 3rd wallpaper</span>


The biggest challenge with this assignment was to get to know the different styles and their history. So with each new style I started of with doing a lot of research. The question I asked myself everytime was: what makes this style so recognizable and how can I use this in my own work?

When I had the most important style-elements down I started making all the sketches and started drawing all the seperate components. With the vintage fleischer-piece for example I painted the background and used it in the wallpaper. When all the individual elements where made, they where put together and digitalised for the final designs shown above.

<span>The fully painted background for the fleischer-themed saloon</span>


The final results are the 3 wallpapers as shown in the images above. For me this the proces of getting to know each style was hard, but in the end provided results that made both the client and myself smile. The wallpapers are still a part of KAPOOOW's branding and can be seen in action on their website!