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Bill-it application


appplication, payment,


jan - mar, 2014


school project Communication & Multimedia Design


nominated for the Golden Dot Awards 2014


This was the first large project I did at Communication & Multimedia Design. The project was done in my very first year and we where challenged to found a startup company build around an application. This could be any application we could think up, as long at it was our own.

We had to think up a concept for the app, design it, build a prototype and think of a plan to launch it. Each member of the team of five was assigned a specific role (for example teamleader, designer or user-experience designer) and we had to stick to that role during the project.

<span> a vertical menu consisting of tabs</span>


The result is Bill-it, an application focused on group-payments in restaurants. We all know the situation: we go out with a large group of people put are all put on one tab. At the end of the evening this means a long troubled proces for both the group and the poor restaurant staff.

With Bill-it each member of the group logs in on the app and someone makes a group which the others can join. Each individual user can then transfer their part of the bill to the 'group-leader'. He or she can then transfer the entiry bill to the restaurant.

The cool thing about the app is that this whole proces of transfering money happens via NFC. And note that at this time (2013-2014) NFC wasn't as wideley associated with payments as today and Apple Pay wasn't even born yet.

<span>a simple design to show the transfer to the group</span>