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// Who am I?

Hi! I'm Thierry van Trirum,
illustrator and student Communication and Multimedia Design.

Here you can find both my schoolwork and my illustrations

// Who am I?

Hi! My name is Thierry van Trirum. I'm an illustrator, doodler and allround creative guy from the Amsterdam area. Coming from a family of creatives I was raised with a pencil and paper and have been drawing ever since. I was (and still am) the guy in school with more drawings than notes in all my notebooks.

In 2013 I started with Communication & Multimedia Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and here my interest in design really started to take off. From this point on I started to work a lot more digital and started to focus on the visual aspect of multimedia design.

But I am still an illustrator (since 2015 also on professional base) and today I try to combine my illustrations with the designs I create for the multimedia world.

A healthy combination of the OFFLINE and the ONLINE!

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